4 Positive Effects Technology to Manage Personal Finances

There was denied, 21st century technology has evolved very rapidly compared to the previous century. At present, easy to find people who usually use a laptop or smartphone to various places. Technology also allows us order food or shopping online. On the other hand, the technology significantly influence a person’s financial management. If earlier a […]

Tips to Make Cool Photo Stickers Twitter

Twitter has added a new feature to its services in the form of virtual stickers. The users can now add stickers to their chirping. But keep in mind, this sticker new features available in the app for iOS and Android-based devices only. Well for those who have not tried, the following tips to make loud, […]

Google AdSense Turns Saving Danger

Android users again buffeted by worrisome issue. A group of security researchers recently discovered malware targeting Google’s operating system. Only, the spread of malware is somewhat unique, because it uses Google’s advertising network that Google AdSense. Malware is a “trojan” banks, which are designed to steal banking information from victims. The investigators did not deny […]

Verizon will buy Yahoo for US $5 billion

News related searches Yahoo’s new owner re-emerged. After various rumors and speculation, telecommunications companies from the United States (US), Verizon Communications Inc., touted to be the most potential buyers Yahoo. Referring to a report quoted by Bloomberg, sources said the deal both companies will be announced in a few days. According to a source, Verizon […]

4 Easy Ways to Get Extra Money with Capital Gadget

Who doesn’t need the money? Simple as anything alive, keep the money needed to buy basic necessities such as food, drink and shelter. Money can be obtained by working or doing business, while saving on daily expenses can be done to speed up the collection of savings. Is there another way to add money? Of […]

Yahoo Messenger Closed per August 2016

Once in existence for 18 years, finally officially closing Yahoo instant messaging services, namely Yahoo Messenger or more familiarly called YM. But wait, it does not mean instant messaging service This is actually bankrupt. Yahoo shut YM because they want to replace it with a new service that claimed to be more attractive and comes […]

9 percent of the universe is expanding faster than expected

Results of the latest observations of astronomers unravel the universe expanded faster than previously thought. NASA and the European Space Agency announced the expansion of the universe is faster about 5 to 9 percent from the previous forecast. This information is derived from data collected when the Hubble telescope to measure the distance of stars […]

Browsing Tricks Without Leave ‘Footprint’ in Browser

You may be less comfortable when other people use your laptop or computer for work or browsing. You don’t want others to see the contents of your computer including your search history in the browser. Well, there is an easy trick to avoid it. It’s easy once. Incognito (incognito mode) or a personal search on […]