Gates, Jobs & Woz: Who is the Most Inspiring Photographers of Lens?

Doug Menuez is a seasoned photographer who had stints 15 years to document the important people in the world of technology. Starting from Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs to John Sculley. Of the many people, Menuez very impressed when photographing Steve Jobs. In fact, he mentioned the founder of Apple has a […]

The Importance of Network Cabling System Structuring In Your Business

Cabling set up on a computer network system rather than just make a connection from one point to another by using the cables as easy as our shadow over this. In an installation that has a configuration that involves a lot of devices, which run critical applications, in order to provide quality to process data […]

Rafael Nadal, Tennis player Advanced World of Business

Its success has won many titles in several tournaments that make the name Rafael Nadal is not only well known in terms of achievement. His Wealth continues to grow and not be surprised if Nadal became the most rich or rich athletes in Spain. The world number three was successful throughout his career collecting 14 […]

Why You Can’t Skimp on Security

In just the past month or two, more and more major retailers have been announcing data breaches. So has one of the most popular cloud storage systems on the web. In addition, it was announced that a spear phishing campaign is targeting government and military agencies, and looking for data, not money, to steal. Yet […]

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger Mutual ‘Kill’

With the number of users reached 600 million, WhatsApp is still the instant messaging services in the world’s most widely used. However, Facebook Messenger began to spread threats because reportedly started sticking WhatsApp. In his latest report Facebook’s instant messaging service that is mentioned has now been used by 500 million users. And interestingly again, […]

Hours Mystery 9:41 in Apple iPhone Ad

If you notice, advertisement Apple iPhone or iPad display always shows 9:41 clock in the screen. What did the reason Apple has always put the proper time in the clock? So it turns out, here’s the deal. Actually, in ancient times, at selected Apple is 9.42. It was a time where Steve Jobs introduced the […]

Andy Rubin, The Man Who Masterminded the Genius Android

Until now, Android is still the most popular mobile operating system in the world. OS with the green robot logo is birth by a man named Andy Rubin genius. Jewish man has indeed been poor across the world of technology. He once joined to Apple and Microsoft before making the forerunner of Google Android which […]

8 Taipan World Successfully Defeat Poverty

Forbes magazine has released 400 rich people in the United States. A lot of rich people that turned out to have had a bitter life. Fostered their wealth from scratch. Try asking WhatsApp founder Jan Koum ever get food from the government a helping hand. After selling his company to Facebook in February amounted to […]