Google Street View Image Capture Suspected Strange Monster Water

In 2009. Google Earth satellite imaging technology never caught a strange phenomenon in Loch Ness Scotland. At that time, Google Earth managed to capture a large white image is the so-called monster named Nessie. Rumors about the monsters that inhabit Scotland’s Loch Ness lake actually has long blows. Monster Nessie began to public attention in […]

Google Build Lab for Journalists

Google wants to be beneficial to all parties. The internet giant recently wanted to make it easier for journalists who are tasked with making a new Google Labs. Google is said Lab Director Steve Grove, News Lab’s mission is to work with journalists and entrepreneurs to apply technological innovations in reporting the news. “From Maps […]

Zuckerberg, Rockstar IT World Successor Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Mark Zuckerberg, who do not know this name? 31-year-old boy is the CEO and founder of Facebook, the most popular social networks today. His figure did not stop so the news material. First generation may adore Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Both have in common, both drop out, charismatic, popular, wealthy and do a great […]

3 Things Not Fitting In-tweet Entrepreneur

Of the 175 million tweets generated each day on social networking site Twitter, how many actually have merit? It needs entrepreneurs think about, especially if he is struggling in social networking. Most tweet has benefits than others. While the rest is rubbish words less likely to make you known as a competent and successful entrepreneur. […]

Twitter Launch Edit and Video Recorder Features

Twitter provides a latest multimedia application that allows users to take video and then edit it directly on the smartphone. The new features of Twitter is officially launched today and be available for users of iPhone and Android smartphones. Twitter revealed the presence of the latest applications to record and edit the video in their […]

How to Block Actors Bullying on Facebook

Who is not annoyed when people keep getting ridicule, spied on (stalking), even threats often called bullying in cyberspace. The incident was typically done by someone through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Well, how to stop it is not fun is that? tips and tricks block the Facebook users are often disturb […]

Effective PowerPoint Slides

Before creating a PowerPoint for school or an important meeting, there are a few tips that you can follow that can give the best look possible. When you create the slides of the presentation, you want to include information that is easy to follow. First, create a plan of how you want your presentation to […]

The Benefits of E-Commerce in Your Business

Electronic commerce, simply put, is a website with a shopping cart functionality that allows customers to add several products to a “shopping cart” or a basket, then check out just as they would in a supermarket, except for this, it would be online. E-commerce offers several benefits for doing business. Benefits of E-commerce In Business […]