This is First Windows Mobile without the ‘Phone’

The news about Microsoft wants to make Windows into the branding is increasingly becoming a reality. One of the mobile phone manufacturer partners Microsoft is ready to launch a phone with Windows OS without frills ‘phone’. Not HTC, but My Go originating from China. New mobile phone named GoFone GF47W use the Windows Phone operating […]

Create your video easily with amazing results

If you are a person who likes to collect video as a video birthday, party, weddings, and other videos. Then you must think to edit-edit the video to look better and nice. While you are still learning how to edit video Medium? confused select software for a good video editing and easy to use? Movavi […]

7 World Horrendous Hacker Attacks

The exploits of hackers interesting to follow, especially after the emergence of cases of theft of nude photos of Hollywood’s top celebrities. In the past, there are numerous cases of cyber attacks by hackers are more sophisticated and systematic. What are the examples? Cyberwar or cyber war between nations, for example, is usually done systematically […]

Stud Debut New Nokia: Lumia 830 & 735

Event IFA 2014 to witness the birth of the latest Nokia smartphone that is now under the auspices of Microsoft Devices. Nokia introduced the Lumia 830 which is labeled as the first flagship phone at an affordable price. Excellence is widely discussed in the Nokia Lumia 830 is the camera technology. Resolution 830 of 10 […]

This word breaker Nude Photos Hacker Jennifer Lawrence

Apple’s cloud service, iCloud, questionable security after hackers allegedly managed to find some photos of the famous artists there. Unidentified hackers and the FBI is being pursued pleaded not work alone. “Friends, just wanted to tell you that I’m not doing this alone. There are others who also do. This is the result of hard […]

IFA and Traces of the Nazi in World Technology

Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (IFA) is known as one of the largest technology exhibition in the world. But many who do not know if the IFA has a long history, even had time to record traces of the Nazis in the world of technology. IFA was first held in 1924 under the name International Radio Exhibition […]

London’s most expensive city cultural tourism

London is referred to as the cultural city of the 12 most expensive European city London is the most expensive city in Europe to conduct cultural activities, says a survey. The visit by two people to the art galleries, museums, cultural heritage sites, opera, ballet and classical concerts cost £ 256. The initiator of research, […]

Amazon acquisition Twitch worth $1 Billion

Twitch was originally planned to be acquired by You Tube and Google. Online retail giant Amazon has acquired Twitch, a provider of video game streaming service, about $1 Billion. Although initially enthused by Google and You Tube, a company founded three years ago this would agree with Amazon’s business deal. Twitch – formerly known as […]