Proving facts of the Rich from the IT industry Many Generous

If you dream to be a generous person, perhaps the founder or leaders in the information technology industry is the most realistic way to realize it. The reason, many born on this sector of the billionaire. Interestingly, they were not reluctant to share a piece of his property to the parties that need or non-profit […]

Number of Malware in Mobile and Mac OS Continues to Grow!

Based on the observation McAfee Labs, malware threats on mobile devices and Mac OS proved to continue to grow. Child Intel Security division was explained that the sample’s total mobile malware has grown 16 percent in the third quarter of 2015 from the previous quarter, ie from about 8.5 million samples up to a little […]

Applications Bloggers Receive Updates, New Features Bring It

Applications Bloggers Receive Updates, New Features Bring It. For those of you who frequently use blogger for daily activities, either a hobby or as a farm business, now Google has been presenting the latest update by providing the latest widget named “Featured Post”. The feature provides an opportunity for you to show off favorite post […]

Three Reasons Propane is the Superior Choice for Your Natural Gas Needs

When people think of natural gas, they usually think of the gas that is often found in homes across the country. Gas stoves are common, and many heating systems in American homes are also fueled by natural gas, but this gas is not what is found in nature. The gas in your home has been […]

Cortana Present on Android and iOS

Bored with Siri or Google Now? For Android users and iOS now you can use Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana on your device, as reported by Microsoft officially announced when Cortana is now available for both platforms to expand the users of this application. Android and iOS users will be able to synchronize this application […]

This is the man behind the project of artificial intelligence Google

Did you know, since 2011 has acquired a research and development project called DeepMind? To facilitate research and development projects are based in the UK, Google reportedly employs about 140 people intelligently chosen from all over the world. Because this project is quite secret, unfortunately Google rarely exhibit the people who have managed to create […]

James Bond-like weapon, what the function of this pen?

Nowadays, a pen is not always function as stationery. There are so many who have design stylus similar to a pen. But this one is different from the others. As reported by Fancy some time ago, this pen has many functions, similar to those worn by James Bond. Of course Ballpoint Pen pen called The […]

Twitter Features Similar Youtube Video Monetization Advertising

After Twitter once again be in the lap of Jack Dorsey as CEO, it is quite a lot of crucial decisions taken one of the well-known startup founders. Starting from the widening of the business to plan mass layoffs more widely blows, it’s all considered as a tactical step for the advancement of the social […]