Know the Big Picture Marketing 3.0 Philip Kotler

In the view of the world of marketing expert Philip Kotler, the philosophy of marketing or marketing is CIB (“customer is boss”). Although many consider just a marketing division of the company, marketing is essentially a pulse and blood of a business. He could become an engine for the progress of the company. Marketing is […]

Intense Approach Barcelona, Advan Ready to Go International?

Not easy for Advan to convince FC Barcelona to want to bind the partnership brand marketing with it. Known as a local brand, whether the effort which spent millions of euros for the sake of smooth steps to go international? Marketing Director Advan, Tjandra Lianto, revealed that it took six months to get through screening […]

Chelsey Bingham, Founder of Startup Fashion ‘Wiseling’

Chelsey Bingham has a favorite quote to give the spirit in the morning: “Life shrinks and expands according to one’s courage.” Sentence inspirational writer Anais Nin spin this into his lunch in living activities as a woman entrepreneur. He founded Wiseling, fashion and antiques market centered in New York, USA. Wiseling derived from the Dutch […]

Pregnant Woman Gives Birth Risky Drinking Coffee Frequently Children with Leukemia

Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning may be a habit that you routinely do. In addition, when I started to feel sleepy, coffee is often used as a ‘weapon’ for countering them. Enjoy a cup of coffee is delicious taste. But for pregnant women, need to be wary of excessive coffee consumption. Because […]

Intel Develops Wearable for Parkinson’s

Intel to find the right target market on their business wearable devices. The chip giant plans to apply wearable gadgets, such as smart watches to monitor the health condition Parkinson’s patients. Intel said they are working with the Michael J Fox Foundation, a foundation for people with Parkinson’s. Both collaborate to do some research on […]

Swing Copters, more annoying than Flappy Bird

Dong Nguyen, creator of the phenomenal game Flappy Bird ready to launch a new game called Swing Copters. Eli Hodapp of the site Toucharcade technology, becoming the first to do a review of Swing Copters. He concluded, Swing Copters great potential to follow the success of Flappy Bird. Here are the results of the review: […]

Coffee connoisseurs More Complaints Tortured Rare Ear Buzzing

For fans of coffee, the benefits of caffeine content in the drink seemed never ending for reviews. More recently, a study has revealed that coffee consumption is associated with risk of tinnitus or ringing in the ears. “In the literature ENT (ear, nose, and throat), people with tinnitus are often advised to avoid caffeine because […]

Kim Kardashian So ‘Killer’ Candy Crush

Kim Kardashian’s popularity extends to the realm of mobile gaming. Unmitigated, the game of the famous sexy artist is able to overthrow Candy Crush, who previously so ruling. Is the game ‘Kim Kardashian: Hollywood’ called to be one of the factors Candy Crush power eroded. Game produced by Glu Mobile that invites gamers into a […]