Facebook and Microsoft Designing Friendly Technology Disabilities

Facebook, Microsoft, Dropbox, and several other veteran technology companies working together to realize the technology more accessible to persons with disabilities. For the sake of such a noble mission, embracing the technology giant joint partners in the field of education, namely Stanford University and Carnegie Mellon University. They set up a working group called “Teaching […]

Zuckerberg Now Richest No. 9 World

Mark Zuckerberg is now getting richer, the founder and CEO of Facebook. According to the latest calculations, Zuck is now the ninth richest man in the world. Fantastic achievement considering he was only 31 years old. Mark Zuckerberg today, according to the billionaires list released by Bloomberg, has a wealth of USD 43.1 billion. An […]

Forecasts about Flash So Steve Jobs Reality

Adobe’s insistence that “it retires” its Flash technology reappeared recently. Is Facebook and Mozilla which started boycotting Flash technology from its services. However, long before this insistence reappears, the late Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in 2010 and then actually already written a letter of protest that Adobe started to develop a technology other […]

Why Every CEO Should Focus on 3 About It

The role of a CEO is very unique. As the main manager of a company, a CEO able to define the vision of the company, making a major refurbishment and supervise the various different departments within the company simultaneously. However, many CEOs believe that they spend too much time in meetings and burdened with too […]

How To Optimize Your Food And Beverage Company

If you run a food and beverage company and are interested in optimizing your daily operations and conversion rates, it’s important to know that there are several things you can do to realize your goal. Here are just two of many strategies you can implement to achieve the level of excellence and expedience you desire: […]

Facebook someday Can Be Used for Telepathy

CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, stating if in the future, Facebook users will be able to communicate through thoughts or telepathy with intermediate technology. The founder of Facebook was declared if the mind between one person with another person will be delivered through technology. “One day, I believe we will be able to send rich […]

4 Easy Tricks to Adjust to a New System Facebook Algorithm

Competition between social media is very tight. Even the competition to claim all social media to continue to actively innovate so that no outdated and remain attractive to its users. As one of the world’s largest social media development, Facebook would not want to lose to innovate by creating new algorithm system. On April 21, […]

Google Street View Image Capture Suspected Strange Monster Water

In 2009. Google Earth satellite imaging technology never caught a strange phenomenon in Loch Ness Scotland. At that time, Google Earth managed to capture a large white image is the so-called monster named Nessie. Rumors about the monsters that inhabit Scotland’s Loch Ness lake actually has long blows. Monster Nessie began to public attention in […]