The Benefits of E-Commerce in Your Business

Electronic commerce, simply put, is a website with a shopping cart functionality that allows customers to add several products to a “shopping cart” or a basket, then check out just as they would in a supermarket, except for this, it would be online. E-commerce offers several benefits for doing business. Benefits of E-commerce In Business […]

5 Lessons from Google Search Method “Mobilegeddon”

Mid-April, Google issued the latest algorithms for operation of its search engine. The new algorithm prioritizes search results more friendly for users of mobile devices. This algorithm dubbed “Mobilegeddon” because it has made millions of websites lose rankings because they are not user friendly gadgets. This new search method discussed Google as a response to […]

Mozilla Firefox Want to Make Smartphone for High End Segment

Operating system designed for mobile devices not only iOS or Android. There are also other alternative operating systems on the market, one of which is a Firefox OS developed by Mozilla. Unfortunately, the popularity of Firefox OS smartphones in the market is very low. Firefox OS phones even today mostly only used in low-end smartphones. […]

Video Call arrives at Facebook Messenger

Competition instant messaging application that increasingly heated forcing Facebook to innovate. The social media giant has just released the video call feature on Facebook Messenger instant messaging service. But at first the video call feature on the new Facebook Messenger can be used in 18 countries which include Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, […]

Tips on Finding a Lost Cell Phone

Some of you most likely have experienced the phone is lost. One way to find it is by doing the tracking. With trace, chances are you’ll know where the phone is located. Keep in mind, to find a missing phone through tracking or how to trace not merely apply to mobile new, but it also […]

Verizon’s acquisition of AOL secures $ 4.4 billion

US telecommunications company, Verizon agreed to buy the media company America Online (AOL) with a value of USD 4.4 billion. With this purchase, Verizon hopes to expand the number of ads they can sell and increase the production of the video. “Of course, the content business is very important. But for us, the main interest […]

Instagram & Getty Images Holds Contest Prize USD 10,000

Collaborate with Getty Images, Instagram wants to help photographers Instagram users expand the publication of their work and give a greater impact through their shots. “Photographers around the world use Instagram as a medium to share their unique stories and authentically that is rarely considered,” said Elodie Mailliet Storm, Senior Director of Content Partnerships Getty […]

Apple Watch has plugs Secret, function?

Apple Watch apparently has a port the hidden, previously thought to function for diagnostic devices. But it turns out that port has another function, what is it? The ports can reportedly be used to charge the battery more quickly, than using a standard charger. It was invented by Apple accessories maker named Reserve Strap Watch. […]