8 Taipan World Successfully Defeat Poverty

Forbes magazine has released 400 rich people in the United States. A lot of rich people that turned out to have had a bitter life. Fostered their wealth from scratch. Try asking WhatsApp founder Jan Koum ever get food from the government a helping hand. After selling his company to Facebook in February amounted to […]

8 Features Android Lollipop is Not Owned iOS 8

Android and iOS are the two rulers of today’s mobile operating system. Google and Apple also recently released the latest version of the mobile OS, Android 5.0 and iOS Lollipop 8. Although both sides had to maximize the provision of features in the OS new respectively, of outages may occur. here are 8 Android Lollipop […]

Create more interesting tweet to increase followers easily.

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging social networking service which enables its users to send and read text-based messages are limited to 140 characters, known as the (tweet). Twitter is very popular in all circles, from individuals and companies. Many people want to be famous and have many followers on twitter is social media. The successful […]

Yosemite OS X, Mac OS for iOS

Along with the launch of the iPad Air 2, Apple officially giving free OS X 10:10, known OS X Yosemite. As OS X Mavericks, the transformation of the desktop operating system is praise. There are many new features, of course. In fact quite a lot, and almost all of it comes in the name of […]

Specification comparisons iPad Air 2 vs Galaxy Tab S vs Nexus 9

iPad Air 2 is the main star in an event held at Apple’s Cupertino. He is the most thin and iPad tight for now. With a 6.1 mm thick body, he is equipped with the latest 64 bit processor from Apple, namely A8X. In addition, other spec does not differ much from its predecessor, the […]

Professional Sound and Video Systems is important

High quality sound system that can produce a good sound is needed at various events. because the sound quality of a sound system an important influence on the success of the event. Likewise, professional video systems needed to convey the message properly to the visitors. Detailed information on the audience with a good catch of […]

Amazon is Toughest Opponent Searching Google’s

Google has so giant in the internet universe. However, Google is not without opponents, there is an actual opponent so watch out for companies that initially famous for the search engines. Who is? Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said the closest competitor is not from fellow service search engine. Amazon actually called one of the […]

Apple and Google noted to be the most expensive brands in the world.

Trademarks are owned by two companies from the United States has reached a value of more than USD 100 billion . Both of these brands to be the largest in the world according to Interbrand. Apple becomes the first champion, the value of the company is up 21% this year, estimates USD 118.9 billion. While […]