Google Doodle Participate Enliven Leap Year

Today, Monday (29/02/2016), it can be said is a day that can not be met every year. Because, February 29 is a date that appears only once every four years, or commonly called a leap year. To that end, the uniqueness of February 29 is also helped show Google through its search pages. The search […]

Google’s service will be Closed Per March 23

Last year Google launched the service in the US called Google Compare. This service basically allows users to compare credit card rates, car insurance, and more. When it makes sense for the tech giant to launch these services and put all the information in front of the user, such as what they do with the […]

Guidelines to Pick the Best Sort of Printer

There are different sorts of printer that will be able to help you with your step by step practices or your office work. You can look over inkjet sorts, laser or even a multifunction printer, there are moreover different sorts of brand you can pick. The new models of printer are besides exhibited on a […]

Chess Game ‘Hidden’ in app Facebook Messenger

It’s no secret that program or application has hidden features. Sample one of the hottest is Facebook Messenger. You can chat via artificial Facebook application, you can also play games. To play this chess games, you can typefbchess play, and will appear a chessboard. After appearing chessboard, the other person must make the first move. […]

Check the Latest Information on Twitter No Need To Log In

More than 500 million users visited Twitter each month to find out what is happening in the world. Start the conversation about the live event to breaking stories. The microblogging site wants to make it easily accessible to everyone and even if they do not log in.Twitter announced several updates to which will show […]

Only Make Twitter Status. Oprah Winfrey Gets $12 Million

Who does not know Oprah Winfrey? Celebrities and businessmen United States is able to toss his name once hosted a talk show that is very popular, The Oprah Winfrey Show. The prestige and charm possessed by these celebrities did not exist two. The reason, he was able to influence people who have become loyal fans. […]

The Study Results, Almost All Friends on Facebook Fake

Someone may have hundreds or even thousands of friends on Facebook, but in fact only 14 of the many friends it really has a sense of concern. Related to this, a professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxford, Robin Dunbar, doing research to determine the relationship between people who have a lot of […]

Logitech Gets 5 Award Good Design Award 2015

5 products from Logitech wins Good Design Award. This is the fifth year that Logitech achieved consecutively every year this award was organized. At the Good Design Awards this year, Logitech won the award for five products, including Logitech Wireless Mouse M280, featuring the advantages of comfort when held on this wireless mouse. Logitech ConferenceCam […]