Amazon acquisition Twitch worth $1 Billion

Twitch was originally planned to be acquired by You Tube and Google. Online retail giant Amazon has acquired Twitch, a provider of video game streaming service, about $1 Billion. Although initially enthused by Google and You Tube, a company founded three years ago this would agree with Amazon’s business deal. Twitch – formerly known as […]

Robot brain can learn from the internet

Robot with a variety of skills being developed. A number of researchers in the United States develop robotic brain that can super smart studied independently by scanning millions of pages on the internet. Referred to as “Robo Brain”, the robot is designed to obtain a wide range of skills and knowledge of public information available […]

Lycopene, Know 6 Benefits superclass

Ladies, every woman has always wanted him not only healthy, but also beautiful in appearance. If you also have the same desire, then do not hesitate to consume more lycope. Lycopene is a compound essential nutrients needed by the body because it contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. Abortion is healthy can prevent various […]

PewDiePie Generate USD 18 million of YouTube

What is the happiest besides getting money from running hobby. This is what YouTubers named PewDiePie, from playing his favorite game he can earn millions of dollars a year. PewDiePie has about 26 million subscribers to his YouTube account. Average of 2 million viewers who watch the video are struggling on how to play a […]

Best Business Advice Ever Received founder Brian Chesky Air BnB

The best advice I ever received when starting Air BnB in January of 2009 was the advice given by Paul Graham of Y Combinator. He said: “Make no enlarged scale business.” I certainly do not take it for granted, even considered counterintuitive or contrary to common sense. However, I then think about its meaning for […]

Sony boss Bomb Threatened by Hackers

American Airlines flight from Dallas to San Antonio had to be diverted. Because the airline was threatened with a bomb intended for one of the passengers. Passengers ‘special’ it is Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley. He got a tweet claiming to be from Hacker Group Lizard Squad that there are explosives in his plane. […]

IPhone 5 Battery Drop? In order for this trick Apple Replaced

IPhone 5 battery you often suddenly drop and need frequent in-charge? Please check first the date of purchase, in case Apple would replace it with a new battery. Apple was holding a battery replacement program for the iPhone 5 after getting numerous reports of battery problems. From the search results of Apple, the iPhone is […]

Know the Big Picture Marketing 3.0 Philip Kotler

In the view of the world of marketing expert Philip Kotler, the philosophy of marketing or marketing is CIB (“customer is boss”). Although many consider just a marketing division of the company, marketing is essentially a pulse and blood of a business. He could become an engine for the progress of the company. Marketing is […]