Before Sony hacked, USA More Used Hack North Korea

United States insists on saying that the perpetrators of the attacks to the system Sony Pictures is North Korea. Now these allegations turn around, because before that, Uncle Sam had to do it first. From the documents of the National Security Agency (NSA), which leaked and published by the New York Times, it was revealed […]

Facebook At Work, Social Media for the office

Facebook inaugurated its new service called Facebook At Work. As the name implies, Facebook At Work is a social networking application that is intended for the employees of the company. “Facebook At Work is a separate experience that enables employees to connect and collaborate efficiently using Facebook tools, some may have been their use as […]

Intel Compute Stick, PC Mini Size of Thumb

PC size continues to shrink over time. From the big box that spend the room, now shrink just be about the size of a thumb. Intel Compute Stick – the name of the device in question – a mini PC that is on display at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015. This tool is only […]

Internet of Things and the Fiction Film Being Real

Just imagine, when you are still asleep in the morning suddenly awakened by music from speakers located on the bedside table. Shortly thereafter, turn the TV turns on and displays the weather forecast and schedule you must go through. As a conclusion, the curtains in rooms exposed to let the sunlight in the window of […]

5 Series 4K Ultra HD TV LG will show of Teeth

LG Electronics (LG) is ready to newest product line of 4K Ultra HD TV category in the international arena Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2015 which will take place in Las Vegas, USA. Attractive design, additional interesting features and image quality that is claimed to be living the primary value to offer the latest collection […]

Apple’s Patented ‘Communicating Stylus’

This week Apple has just patented a little device called the ‘communicating stylus’. Not a regular stylus, but the object shaped like a pen that is claimed to be very smart. In contrast to the general stylus, stylus Apple has the function of capturing an image or writing graffiti digitally on the surface of any […]

Apple boss So the best CEO in 2014

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apple Tim Cook is in the top position in the list of ‘The Best CEOs of 2014′ version of CNN Money. He beat the boss BlackBerry and Microsoft. CNN Money assess the latest iPhone, Apple Pay service and enthusiasm will be the emergence of Apple Watch in 2015 is a […]

Baidu Plant Investment in Uber

Baidu relationship and Uber getting sticky. This was after the two companies into cooperative agreements, including the flow of investment running into booking application Baidu ‘taxi’ black plate. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and CEO and founder of Baidu Robin Li announced the agreement of both companies in the signing of the agreement on Baidu’s headquarters […]