Ed Wolf, Young Entrepreneur with a Brilliant Idea Technology

At a young age, Ed Wolf treading Entrepreneur career brilliantly. Now he works as a product manager and business analyst in time Inc. and also interact with a number of world famous brands such as People, Time and Sports Illustrated to create a new mobile Experience fresh nan to attract more and more people are […]

Easy Steps to Start Transcription Service Business

Many professional job such doctors, lawyer and seminar speaker are using transcription equipment to create transcribed documents. The transcribed documents can be used for future reference and record keeping in case they needed in the future. Using transcription equipment, such as audio system, video files and many other you can typing up the conversation that’s […]

Facebook: Social Media is So ‘Mass Murderer’

Facebook is a phenomenal website. As a social network, it does not also unbeaten and conquer all rivals. With a number in the range of 1.28 billion users, Facebook is popular all over the world. Facebook was conceived by Mark Zuckerberg, the young man dropped out of Harvard University, USA. Youth 30-year-old is now famous […]

Things to Know about Starting an eCommerce Website

As technology advances, an increasing number of people are turning to the Internet for their shopping needs. Not only is it convenient, it’s incredibly secure with the right website. Small business owners can take advantage of the convenience of eCommerce by creating a platform within their website to support their customers in this way. In […]

Google Celebrates 16th Birthday

There are different when opening Google. Google’s design transformed into themed birthday. Who has a birthday? It turns out that yes Google itself. Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry duet Page 16 years ago, precisely in September 1998 Actually Google’s birth date is still being debated. But it is already clear, on the […]

Zuckerberg Renovation Mansion USD 10 million, Neighbors Protest

With a wealth of USD 33.1 billion, including Mark Zuckerberg the richest man in the world. Founder and CEO of Facebook was being rebuilt houses luxury mansion he bought for USD 10 million. The house is located in the area of ​​Dolores Park, San Francisco, close enough to the Facebook office in Silicon Valley. But […]

Google boss: Android vs. iOS Increasingly Brutal

Competition between Google and Apple is increasingly fierce in recent years, even to each other tend to be brutal head-to-quarrel. It is recognized directly by Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. In an interview with Bloomberg, Schimndt is a bit worrying rivalry between Google and Apple are already very brutal according to him. In fact, now more […]

Walk 5 Minutes Every Hour Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting at your desk all day is not good for health. In fact, long sitting periods associated with cholesterol levels and increased waist circumference. Both of these can lead to metabolic and cardiovascular problems. One study found if you walk for five minutes every hour after sitting can reduce the risk of heart disease and […]